Testerup Review: Is Testerup Legit?



  • Multiple offers are available at all times
  • Most offers have high payouts from $50 to $200
  • Premium loyalty program and refer-a-friend bonuses
  • Quick payouts via PayPal or bank deposit


  • High $70 redemption minimum
  • Most offers are only for playing games
  • Earning the total payout is time-consuming
  • In-game purchases are usually necessary

Many people enjoy getting paid to test apps, games, and products online. However, finding legitimate opportunities that pay well and are easy to qualify for can be challenging. That’s where Testerup comes in.

Testerup promises to provide new users with 20 paying jobs after signing up. Is this get-paid-to site too good to be true? It’s completely legit, but there are some things you should know. I share my thoughts in this Testerup review and show you the best ways to make money in your free time.

Table of Contents
  1. What Is Testerup?
  2. Who Can Join Testerup?
  3. How Testerup Works 
    1. Paid Offers
    2. Making Money
    3. Premium Tester
    4. Refer a Friend
  4. Testerup Payout
  5. Is Testerup Legit?
  6. Testerup Pros and Cons
    1. Pros
    2. Cons
  7. Testerup Alternatives
    1. Swagbucks
    2. Mistplay
    3. Blackout Bingo
  8. FAQs
  9. Final Thoughts

What Is Testerup?

Testerup is a micro-task app that offers cash rewards to users for testing products. Most paid gigs are for mobile games as it’s a popular hobby, and new games are constantly being released.

Testerup homepage

Money-making opportunities include:

The available offers depend on the current brand partnerships and your age, interest, earning history, and country of residence. 

My biggest knock against Testerup is its $70 minimum redemption which can be difficult to reach even if you love playing games. I also find it frustrating that facial verification is necessary to redeem your earnings when other platforms only require confirming an email address and PayPal account, which Testerup also makes you do.

The app developer is Hamburg, Germany-based aestimium Gmbh. You can view the Testerup imprint for current leadership and contact details. 

The developer currently doesn’t have other apps available for download in the Google Play or Apple App Store for US-based users. The lack of other apps may concern avid earners, but several confirmed payouts exist. Additionally, the developer claims to have over 2.9 million registered accounts on the English and German-language versions of the Testerup app.

I find Testerup easy to use and transparent about the offer terms and payout schedule. It’s also clear about requiring iOS users to enable phone tracking to record the testing progress and receive credit for the proper payment amount. 

Who Can Join Testerup?

You must be at least 18 years old and live in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada (excluding Quebec). The app developer has hopes of expanding availability into other countries.

Testerup is free to join by downloading the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store to these devices:

  • Android phone
  • Android tablet
  • iOS phone
  • iOS tablet

You can register by linking your Gmail, Facebook, or Apple account. It’s also possible to enter an email address and create a password if you prevent connecting accounts for extra privacy.

After registering, you will instantly see 20 offers you can start immediately. In my case and many other app users, most are game tests. To make money, you download the game, reach specific levels within a certain number of days, and potentially make in-app purchases. 

How Testerup Works 

You will make the most money on Testerup by playing games, but it’s possible to receive various offers by becoming an active member. 

Paid Offers

Testerup is essentially a middleman that partners with different mobile games and market research companies to provide product offers. You must download apps or create accounts with third-party platforms to start making money. This qualification process is similar to competing apps that may offer reward points for the same games and apps.

Unlike several competing money-making apps, you can’t take surveys, watch videos, or complete other miscellaneous activities from the member dashboard. While they might only pay a few cents, they help you remain productive when you don’t have time to play games or are not interested in the other app offers. 

Testerup offers

The lack of additional ways to make money without always having to download a new app and provide your contact details to yet another company is a deterrent.

Here are some of the offers I had available while trying out Testerup:

  • $227.50 for playing Raid: Shadow Legends
  • $95.50 for playing Dice Dreams
  • $86.30 for playing King of Avalon
  • $82.50 for playing Mech Arena-Robot Gladiators
  • $65.00 for playing GSN Casino
  • $43.50 for playing Star Trek Fleet Command
  • $27.00 for playing Monopoly Go!
  • $5.80 for playing Triple Tile
  • $4.50 for website testing through Nielsen

Each offer includes an app trailer and offer requirements. You can complete your user profile to include details such as your most-used electronic devices and interests to receive personalized offers more often. 

You’ll likely enjoy this side hustle app if you like playing video games for money. Search for offers with a “Promo” tag, as featured apps pay more than standard offers.

Making Money

Tapping an offer takes you to the offer terms and conditions page. There you’ll find a detailed schedule about which benchmarks or activities you must complete and how much you’ll earn for each milestone. Refreshing the offer page shows your current progress and income.

In most cases, you have 30 to 60 days to earn the full reward. You will only earn a partial reward if you don’t level up or complete specified purchases within the app. Typically, you must reach Level 6 in a game test to earn your first reward. In-game purchases cost approximately $10 on average. 

You must check a box stating that you agree with the offer terms. It’s also necessary to click the app download button through Testerup to track your progress. However, this button redirects you to the Google Play Store or App Store to download by entering your Google or Apple ID. 

Here is an example of the incremental payouts for a game test:

  • $0 for downloading the game
  • $0.40 by completing Level 6
  • $0.80 by completing Level 9
  • $1.50 by completing Level 14
  • $5.00 by completing Level 20
  • $10.00 by completing Level 30
  • $3.00 after your first in-game purchase 

Your rewards balance is deposited into your account once you complete the entire offer. It’s also possible to end it early when you only want partial credit and know you won’t return before the deadline to finish more levels. 

Be sure to look for possible exclusions. For example, the Nielsen offer that was available to me only pays users younger than 50 years old. For the most part, offers in your taskboard are for any adult within your home country.

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Premium Tester

The Premium Tester loyalty program is available to users who successfully complete five paid offers. Benefits include receiving more offers at once, higher payouts, and exclusive premium-only offers.

As most offers take several weeks to complete, reaching premium status may take a few months. Exclusive offers display a “Premium” tag to distinguish higher-paying offers.      

Refer a Friend

Testerup offers a referral bonus. You get to keep 10% of the income your referred friend earns during the first 365 days of their membership. I didn’t notice any limits to the number of referrals you can make per year or income limits.

You can refer friends through the following channels:

  • Personal link (you can copy and paste it in text and email)
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • X (formerly Twitter)
  • Email

As the offers have high maximum payouts, you can receive a bonus worth several dollars when your recruits complete a single-game test. 

Testerup Payout

You can request payment by PayPal or ACH bank transfer once your balance reaches $70, a high threshold. Most transfers take 48 hours to go through after you complete the face verification process.

The transaction limit is $250. As there are no redemption bonuses for cashing out a higher balance, consider taking payment when you reach the $70 threshold.

Also, be sure to earn rewards at least once every 12 months to avoid a $5 inactivity fee and a potential account closure.

Yes, Testerup is a legit app that lets you make real money by downloading sponsored apps and games. However, the platform isn’t for everyone due to its high $70 payout threshold.

You will likely need to complete a few offers over several weeks or months before receiving your first payment. Other side hustles are better for making money fast

Here are a few Testerup customer reviews to help you decide for yourself:

I LOVE THIS APP. It’s great to earn some extra cash playing games, which I would be doing anyway. There are a lot of options for games, and it DOES pay out right away – though the cashout requirement is a touch high.” —Mel Klinginsmith

It’s a great concept and easy enough to accept tasks and earn from playing games, testing apps, and filling out requested items.” — Amber Kolb

The thought process behind the app is great. It encourages you to play and try games that you would otherwise not be interested in. I do hate the time limit to complete tasks. It makes it difficult to complete the task. The higher the level you get in the game, the harder it is to pass a level which takes up the time limit required to complete a task.” — Chi Robinson

I can’t cash out – the verification keeps saying to do it again. I’ve used facial verification before (recently) on another pay-to-play app (JustPlay) with no problems. One of the games I tried playing repeatedly crashed, and you wouldn’t have been able to get to level 60 in 60 days unless you kept making a lot of in-app purchases if you were able to play the game without it crashing.” — Lisa Ruvola

Testerup Pros and Cons

If you’re thinking about signing up for Testerup to earn extra income, here are some pros and cons to consider.


  • Multiple offers are available at all times
  • Most offers have high payouts from $50 to $200
  • Premium loyalty program and refer-a-friend bonuses
  • Quick payouts via PayPal or bank deposit


  • High $70 redemption minimum
  • Most offers are only for playing games
  • Earning the total payout is time-consuming
  • In-game purchases are usually necessary

Testerup Alternatives

The following Testerup alternatives offer similar gaming rewards, more ways to make money, and lower payout minimums.


Swagbucks is my favorite micro-task site, and I use it regularly. I like that the low minimum redemption starts at $5 via PayPal Cash and gift cards. Further, Amazon gift card redemptions start at $1. 

You can earn rewards points through online surveys, playing games, signing up for free and paid product offers, and shopping online. New members can earn a $5 signup bonus, plus you can be as young as 13 years old and join. Read our Swagbucks review for more details.

But for most people, other side hustle apps are better as you get paid sooner and have more ways to make money.

Learn More About Swagbucks


While it’s only for Android users, Mistplay specializes in paid games. You earn reward points for each minute of eligible gameplay, plus bonus points for leveling up and in-game purchases.

Gift card redemptions start at $5, and PayPal Cash payouts require a $10 balance. Playing on consecutive days and trying out sponsored games are two ways to earn bonus rewards to request payment sooner. For more information, check out our Mistplay review.

Learn More About Mistplay

Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo offers free and cash-prize bingo rounds. There’s no guarantee you’ll win money, but it can be a fun hobby. You can hone your skills with free practice rounds and complete daily challenges to help prepare you for cash tournaments. 

Testerup may not always offer the best bingo games for winning money which is another reason to consider Blackout Bingo. And Blackout Bingo is part of the Skillz network, so you can earn rewards tickets that are exchangeable for real-world prizes. Read our Blackout Bingo review for full details.

Please Note! Cash tournaments are available in most of the world but not in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD. If you don’t live in a prize-enabled region, you can still play for free.

Learn More About Blackout Bingo


Can you actually make money on Testerup?

Yes, when you’re willing to download games, enable tracking, and reach advanced levels. Each offer has multiple steps to receive partial payments along the way. However, you may not have sufficient free time to earn the total bonus and you may also need to make in-game purchases that reduce your earning potential.

What are the Testerup customer service options?

You can submit a support ticket through the app and await a response by email. There is also an online FAQ library. Unfortunately, no live support options exist.

How do I withdraw money from Testerup?

You can cash out through bank deposit or PayPal with a minimum $70 balance. You must also verify your facial identity through the app before requesting payment. 

Learn More About Testerup

Final Thoughts

The bottom line on Testerup is that it’s a rewards platform for frequent gamers. Beware that it can take one or two months to reach the full payout on games, not to mention the $70 payment threshold. If you want to play for fun, the rewards can offset the inevitable in-app purchases, and you’ll have an opportunity to discover new games.

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